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FREE CHECK UP for all new patients at TOTALLY TEETH!

At Totally Teeth, we believe so much in your dental health we will give all new patients and their family a dental check up FOR FREE. This is your chance to meet our friendly team and your new caring Totally Teeth Dentist.

Please note - If you would like to have a clean done during your Free Check up please advise us when making the appointment - this way we are able to extend the time of your appointment to ensure this can be done. A scale and clean at Totally Teeth including fluoride starts at $135. If you were to need bite wing x-rays for a comprehensive treatment plan these start at $40 per xray.

Also it is important to note, that if you are a member of a Health Fund, rebates may apply. Please ask our friendly reception for details when you make your appointment.

8 Reasons to have a Free Check up.

  To ensure you keep your teeth

Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults and regular check ups will help detect problems and enable you to get treatment for them. Keeping your teeth is vital for everyday activities, such as eating, speaking and socialising with confidence.

   To detect dental problems early and avoid costly treatment

Early detection of cavities, gum disease or broken fillings is easily treatable and less expensive than more difficult procedures such as root canals, gum surgery or removal of teeth.

   To create a treatment plan

Your Dentist can provide you with a breakdown of the cost of each procedure you may need to treat problems and also the treatments in the correct order of importance to ensure you have a healthy smile and you are confidently informed.

   To prevent gum disease and help maintain overall health

Gum disease is an infection in the bone and gum tissues. Research has linked gum disease to heart conditions and strokes. Regular and correct brushing and flossing techniques and visits to your Dentist for check ups can help keep your teeth and gums healthy and get you on the right track for a healthy life. 

   To use your health plan entitlements

Most health funds now cover dental check up and cleans twice a year, so why not ensure you take advantage of what you are paying for and use your entitlements.

   To brighten your smile

Teeth Whitening procedures may give you a whiter smile but did you know that during a clean and polish your dentist may be able to remove coffee, tea and tobacco stains and plaque build up giving you not only a healthier smile but a cleaner brighter smile.

   To help prevent oral cancer

During your visit your Dentist can screen your mouth for signs of possible oral cancers. It is important to know that oral cancer is highly curable if diagnosed early.

   To help with your confidence

If you are concerned about the appearance of your smile, your speech or even bad breath, your dentist can help guide you with information and options to assist you with your concerns.

Book your Free Check up with us today....


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