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Dental Hygienists are specially trained members of the dental team who work together with our Totally Teeth Dentists to provide you with the best possible oral hygiene and dental care. They are specially trained to perform preventive treatment and to help with the maintenance of your mouth, your teeth and your gums, which help to give you the best possible smile.


Our Totally Teeth dentists may refer you to one of our hygienists for more specialised oral care, while they provide the complex cosmetic or restorative care.

We have Hygienists at our RobinaMermaid, Burleigh, Tugun and Tweed Totally Teeth locations.

Hygienists perform four main functions:

Dental Hygiene education. They can help you prevent dental disease and tooth wear, by showing you one-on-one instructions for care for your gums and teeth as well as provide information on dietary habits and health conditions which may be affecting your oral health.

The hygienist will collaborate with your dentist to plan an oral health maintenance program, including assessment of your gum health, evaluation of the radiographs and reviewing your medical history.

A thorough complete clean and removal of calculus deposits and stains from your teeth.

Lastly, application of decay preventing agents and recommendation of specific products for home use.